November 3, 2016

Russian company designs new radar for MiG-35 fighters

The Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET) of Rostec State Corporation presented an active phased antenna array radar Zhuk-AME designed for multipurpose MiG-35 fighter jets, the press service of the company said.
"The Radioelectronic Technologies Concern designed the Zhuk-AME active phased antenna array for the MiG aircraft family. The new radar provides for combat outside direct vision and simultaneously tracks 30 targets and destroys up to six of them in the air and four on the ground," it said.

The new radar with active phased antenna array helps fulfil missions in complicated weather conditions and jamming by the adversary. "The use of the active phased antenna array increases the target detection range to 160 kilometers. The radar can simultaneously operate in air-to-air and air-to-surface regimes, identify and classify group and single objects, attack several of them with high-precision weapons, transmit data on tactical situation to other aircraft and engage in radio-electronic warfare," the press service said.
"The upgraded onboard Zhuk radar has already been certified for export. It surpasses competing radars by tactical and technical characteristics and is to be mounted on perspective new-generation aircraft, including MiG-35 fighter," said KRET First Deputy Director General Igor Nasenkov.


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