September 6, 2016

No hope from Pakistan, they lied to us, says Afghan NSA

Afghanistan's National Security Adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar on Monday said there was no hope Islamabadwill help Kabulin peace talks with the Talibangroup, a media report said.  In an interview with Gandhara/RFERL, Atmar said: "We have received messages from Pakistanas we have diplomatic relations. Our President has told them we have no hope that they will help us with peace talks."
 "He (AfghanPresident) told Pakistanthat they promised they would go against those who do not want peace talks, but they did not do this. They lied to us," he added.  Questioning Pakistan's honesty in the fight against terrorism, Atmar said: "Islamabadsaid the Talibanleader was not in Pakistan, but then we saw Mullah Mansur had a Pakistani ID card when he was killed while travelling inside Pakistan."  "We asked them very clearly: Why are you lying? This (peace process) would not be in your favour.
 Terrorism will backfire against you, and it already has. My hope is that Pakistanthinks logically and pays attention to this issue," Atmar added.  The Afghangovernment was expecting to participate in direct peace talks with the Talibangroup soon after the Quadrilateral Coordination Group comprising of Afghanistan, Pakistan, the US and China started work.  Several rounds of QCG talks were held and the participating members agreed to take actions against the groups pursuing violence but the Talibangroup rejected the calls by the group and the Afghangovernment to participate in direct talks.  The Afghanofficials have long been criticising Pakistanfor allowing the Talibangroup and Haqqani terrorist network leaderships for allowing its soil for planning and coordinating attacks in Afghanistan.
 --IANS , businesstsandard


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