November 3, 2015

Strengthening submarine fleet of India


(NJS): India’s long pending requirement of submarines may be bit fulfilled for time being by selecting  Two kilo class submarines in fasttrack mode, this December  visiting Indian prime minister may be expected likely to ink.
After a  major setback to Indian underwater capability , after one of the kilo class ‘INS Sindhurakshak’ met deadly accident, Indian submarine fleet gone into deep trouble. The current strength of the Indian submarine fleet is like a toy against in case of two way front war against our land grabbing neighbours . once Chinese state media the Global Times, used the term 'Paper Tiger' to describe the Indian navy.

This year December visit to russia  by India Prime minister , Russia may offer india with its ongoing projects of its two kilo class submarines, which is currently under constructed in St.Petersburg Yard, 
1. Veliky Novgorod and
 2. Kolpino , 
which is project 636.6 class which may be ready for launched  in 2016 if india goes as per schedule.
This model is the latest variety in kilo class which Russia already supplied to China, Algeria and Vietnam .This sub has capacity of 45days Endurance and has test depth of 300m ,

Armament:                    6/533 mm  torpedo tubes
                                    18 torpedos
                                    24 mines
                                    Club S Anti ship missiles
                                    Crew strength :52 nos

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