October 19, 2015

People of Balochistan demand independence from Pakistan

While Pakistan never misses a chance to rake up Kashmir issue at any international forum and alleges India of human right violations, it chooses to ignore the atrocities carried by Paksitani army in its own backyard.
According to India TV report , more than 19000 people have been abducted from Pakistan's Baloch province by its own army. There is huge unrest among Baloch people who want an independent state.
Baloch Khan, a rebel Baloch leader said that Balochistan has abundant resource of Coal, Gas and marble, it is more than enough for the baloch people but others are exploiting our resources.
A victim Mehrang Baloch told India TV that my father did not saw sun for seven months, About 15- 20 men (Pakistan army) thrashed him mercilessly in front of my eyes.
According to a BBC report, "Nobody even knows how many people have have disappeared - the figures are between hundreds and several thousand. The army, paramilitaries and the government have consistently denied being responsible for violence in Balochistan, pointing instead to the myriad of armed groups operating in the region."
Baloch dissidents have also stepped up their activity outside Pakistan, lobbying for a separate state in Washington, London, and even New Delhi, with their representatives calling for recognising the Baloch's right to self-determination.
Balochistan is divided among three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. But the atrocities are taking place inside Pakistan which has conducted five military operations against the Baloch people and the last campaign that they began in 2004 has left 19,000 dead and many more displaced and missing. Pakistan also encourages the Taliban to torture the Baloch inside Afghanistan,” Balochistan Liberation Organisation (BLO) representative Balaach Pardili told The Hindu


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