July 4, 2015

BBC report proved wrong by Scotland Yard on MQM-RAW Links

The credibility of claims made in a recent BBC report that the Indian intelligence agency RAW funded Pakistan’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), have been seriously weakened following a statement by the Britain’s Metropolitan police.

The BBC story had quoted a senior MQM source as having acknowledged such payments in interrogation sessions with the Met police. The police are investigating charges of money laundering against the London-based MQM leader, Altaf Hussain. India had dismissed the charges as untrue.

Soon after the story broke, however, documents purporting to be “official” and attributed to the Metropolitan police have been circulated on social media sites and in the Pakistan media. The documents allegedly contain the transcripts of the interrogation of senior MQM leader Tariq Mir by the police.

“Documents have been put to the police asking for clarification as to their validity. We have seen one that appears to be a genuine police document and a second we do not recognise as a police document,” the police statement said, in response to a question from a media outlet seeking confirmation.

“We are concerned as to the possible prejudicial effect release of these documents could have to an ongoing police investigations. We are not investigating a possible leak in relation to this matter and will not be drawn into discussing any further documents that may be given to the media by third parties,” the statement adds.


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