July 10, 2015

After Bofors, defence ministry to purchase guns again: Parrikar

With no guns being purchased by the government ever since controversial Bofors guns were purchased, the defence ministry has now decided to purchase guns from foreign countries. The ministry would initiate the process for the same, defence minister Manohar Parrikar said.

Parrikar, who was in Lucknow to attend the training programme of elected cantonment board members, said that defence ministry would also begin the process of replacing MIG 21 fighter jets with indigenously built Tejas. However, he said that it would be a gradual process and replacing a large fleet would cost more. The process of replacing MIGs with Tejas would be done over a period of 20 years or so, he added.

Talking to a few journalists at the party headquarters in Lucknow later, Parrikar said that more howitzer guns would be deployed in the northeast region and added that parts for these guns would be bought from the USA.

To a question on ending terrorism, Parrikar said that it could only eradicated by means of economic development of the region. Mostly young youths who are lured by monetary offers get trapped and land up indulging in terror activities. However, if the focus is on economic development of the region, everyone would get job and the youth would not deviate towards subversive activities.

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