October 7, 2014

India develops P1 drone to monitor Chinese border movements

To monitor Chinese maneuvers in its border regions, India has recently designed its first low-altitude long-endurance drone, writes Ankit Panda, associate editor of the Tokyo-based Diplomat in a piece published on Oct. 2.
Panda said the drone, known as the P1, is expected to have a flight time of over 10 hours at a maximum altitude of 5,000 feet with an operating radius of 150 kilometers. It has been designed to help the Indian military monitor its borders against potential Pakistani and Chinese incursions. In addition to its military applications, the drone can be used for applications such as pollution monitoring and crowd control.
India has become a crucial partner of the United States in its Asia Pivot policy. In his article titled "The Pivot to India" written for Foreign Policy, Senator John McCain said the India-US strategic partnership is critical to encourage China to rise peacefully rather than try to change the status quo unilaterally and with coercion.


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