September 12, 2014

India's Bharat Forge starts joint venture with Israel's Elbit System to produce better defence equipments

India suffered loss of life as well as property in the famous Kargil war of 1999. Thereafter, the controversial Bofors cannons were used in the war.

These cannons proved their capability during the battle but in sometime, Indian Army realised that they do not have enough ammunition for the same.

On the demand of army, Indian Defence Ministry contacted Baba Kalyani and his company Bharat Forge. The army ordered the company to make one lakh shells for Bofors.

The company fulfilled the order in very short period of time and it will not be wrong if said that Bharat Forge played major role in the victory of Kargil war of 1999. A Swedish company named Bofors AB sold the Bofors to India and it has remained controversial scam since then due to illegal kickbacks.

Bharat Forge Group has developed a war machine which will soon be tested by the army. As Narendra Modi led BJP government has decided to give priority to private companies, Bharat Forge Group got a chance to prove its excellence.

According to a report, the company has started a joint venture with an Israeli company named Elbit System. The venture will work on 155mm howitzer modernisation program in the beginning.

The chief of Bharat Forge, Baba Kalyani said that their cannon is much better than bofors when it comes to firing. According to Kalyani, the new cannons use 52 calibre rounds compared to 39 calibre rounds of bofors. these can even fire using wire unlike bofors.

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