August 6, 2014

Su-35 exports to China locked after Ukraine-Russia standoff

After Ukraine suspended its military cooperation with Russia, The sale of Russian Su-35 advanced fighters to China has been stalled after Ukraine suspended military cooperation with Russia, as the fighter is designed with Ukrainian parts and technology, according to the Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television.
Russian president Vladimir Putin conceded to selling China 24 Su-35S fighters on Nov. 2012. However, China and Russia have not yet made any consensus on signing the official contract. Under the invitation of the Russian Armed Forces, a Chinese delegation under Zhang Youxia, the director of the PLA's General Armaments Department, visited Russia on July 16, according to the Moscow-based Military Parade.
Other important figures in the Chinese delegation were Ding Yi, the commander of the PLA Navy, Zhang Honghe, the commander of the PLA Air Force and Zheng Qinsui, the deputy commander of Guangzhou Military Region. Sergei Bogdan, a test pilot from Sukhoi company who has been awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, personally flew two demonstration flights with the Su-35 fighter in front of the Chinese delegation on July 17, according to a Russian source.
The source told the Military Parade that the Chinese delegation was very interested in the purchase of Su-35 fighters from China. Still, the Chinese delegation said that the PLA Air Force wants the Su-35 specially designed for China. This means that they don't want to purchase same Su-35 fighters serving under the Russian Air Force. China is currently the largest consumers of Sukhoi's Flanker family. The source said that Russia had sold China a total number of 281 Su-27 and Su-30 fighters already.
The suspension of military cooperation between Russia and Ukraine brings a new major obstacle for China to purchase the new Su-35 jets. Putin has ordered the Russian defense industries to reduce their reliance on Ukraine components to 95%. Currently, 60% of the fuel pumps used to build the engines of Russian fighters such as the Su-27, Su-30, Su-34 and Su-35, are from Ukraine.
- wantchinatimes

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