August 21, 2014

Nirbhay cruise missile test before Diwali

After a partially failed debut, India's Nirbhay subsonic 1,000 km range cruise missile is all set for its crucial second test that will look to kill the ghosts of the debut. In March last year, the Nirbhay cruise missile's launch, booster separation and wing deployment were the only successful aspects in what was a disappointing day for the DRDO. The missile flew to an altitude of 4.5-km and was 17 minutes out when it began to deviate from its predicted flight path, compelling the programme team to abort and remotely destroy the missile in mid-air, splashing its debris into the Bay of Bengal.
After a year of investigations and corrections, the DRDO identified certain electro-mechanical snags that doomed the missile, veering it dangerously off course and threatening coastal safety. Top sources say the missile is ready for its second test, with two prototypes lined up. Internally, the DRDO has committed itself to the success, since a cruise missile milestone sends out a far more formidable message than proven ballistic missile and hybrid missile technology that the Indian establishment has proven effectively over the years.


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