January 18, 2017

To counter China-Pakistan axis, India must join hands with US, Japan, Australia, Vietnam

Membership of NSG is not a farewell gift for the outgoing American Administration to hand out to India' said China on 16 Jan 2017. This country China with double standards was responsible for handing over nuclear bomb design to Pakistan and later on testing the Pakistani bomb in its own facilities.

Now, it is putting in technical hurdles in the path of India becoming a full-fledged NSG member. We should also not forget that twice in 2016, China blocked the process of declaring Pakistani jihadi Masood Azhar and his organisation Jaish-e- Mohammad as terrorists in the UN. They are responsible for last year's Pathankot air base attack in India. 
 China is hell bent on supporting Pakistan at any cost. Reason is that Pakistan has sold its soul to China in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor agreement in which China is investing $46bn. In actual fact China is investing only 11 billion dollars from its coffers. The rest of 35 billion dollars are coming from Chinese PSUs for which Pakistan will have to pay 27% interest. This interest rate is so high that even Pakistan's current generation, their children and children's children will not be able to pay back this money.
In other words, Pakistan will be a Chinese colony for generations to come. China is so confident of its investments in Pakistan that it has gifted two battle ships to Pakistani navy to guards the Gawadar port. Two more ships are also coming. In a futuristic perspective, Pakistan will also be getting eight submarines from China. The deal has been signed almost a year back.
All said and done, now India has no option but to expand its Navy at a fast pace. The current level of 137 ships with Indian Navy should rise to 200 at the earliest. At the same time it must join hands with US, Japan, Australia, Vietnam and anybody else who wants to counter China-Pakistan axis in Indian Ocean, South and East China Sea as also Arabian ocean.
Let us not forget that China is already patrolling Indian Ocean on the pretext of anti-piracy activity. It is also ringing up India by establishing bases called ring of pearls in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Myanmar.


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