January 28, 2017

Russia to Set Up MiG-29 Fighter Jet After-Sales Service Center in India in 2017

Vice-president of the United Aircraft Corporation for innovations said that Russia will open an after-sales service center in India for maintenance of the MiG-29 fighter jets.Russia will open an after-sales service center in India for maintenance of the MiG-29 fighter jets, Sergey Korotkov, the vice-president of the United Aircraft Corporation for innovations, said Friday.
“We offer the contractual after-sales service to our foreign clients. Beside the delivery of the aircraft, we are ready to create the maintenance centers on the territory of the client … Such a center to service MiG-29 jets is expected to be opened in India in 2017,” Korotkov told reporters.
The MiG-29 fighter jets, developed in the Soviet Union in 1980s, are currently used in 29 countries across the world.


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