October 26, 2016

Indian Prime Minister Modi to Celebrate Diwali With Army at Pakistani Border

Narendra Modi will be at the Indo-Pakistan border on the occasion of festival of lights ‘Diwali’ to boost their morale. Diwali is India's most Important festival, equivalent to Christmas or Thanks Giving in the west, where everybody looks forward to celebrate the festival with their family. 
  The claimed surgical strike by the Indian army across the border to revenge a terror attack on an army camp in Uri has rekindled India's patriotic fervor and nationalism. So much so that it became a political tool for India's political parties who were quick to claim some credit for it.
While the Congress Party, which held power before the current Government, hinted at similar covert strikes, other political parties accused the current government of making gain from the surgical strike and asked for proof of the action. In fact after the chest thumping of many leaders of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party, Prime Minister Modi had to issue a message to his colleagues to not indulge in self-glorification.  Nevertheless, Modi will be celebrating this Diwali with the armed forces at the border just like the last two years. But this Diwali will be different as it will be celebrated against the backdrop of India’s surgical strike
across the border. Modi’s schedule has been kept secret for security reasons as the army is on operational readiness after the ‘surgical strike’.
According to sources, preparations are in full swing in the state of Jammu and Kashmir where Modi will visit to celebrate the festival of lights with the armed forces.  Modi has also asked Indians to send Diwali greetings to the armed forces deployed at the border through the Narendra Modi app.



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