September 22, 2016

Pakistan a rogue state, should be taken to task: Balochistan leader in exile

Khan of Kalat Amir Ahmed Suleman Daud (Balochistan leader in exile) on Wednesday called Pakistan a rogue state.While lambasting Pakistan, the Baloch leader said Islamabad should be taken to task for its actions. Exposing Pakistan’s atrocities, Khan of Kalat Amir Ahmed Suleman Daud, revealed that not a day passes without Pakistan Army killing Balochpeople or burning their homes and property.Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the to human rights violations in Balochistan and the part of Kashmir that Pakistan controls, Baoch leaders in exile have strongly come forward and hit out at Islamabad.
 Pakistan’s illegal occupation of Balochistan has gained international attention after Prime Minster Narendra Modi mentioned about the struggle of Balochi people during his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort on August 15. Stepping up its offensive against Pakistan on the Balochistan issue at the UN Human Rights Council, India last week said Pakistan is a nation that practises terrorism on its own people and the sufferings of the people of Balochistan are a telling testimony in this regard. Notably, Days after PM Modi highlighted the Balochistan issue, public broadcaster Prasar Bharati on Friday launched a website and mobile app for All India Radio’s Balochi service to reach out to the people who speak the language across the globe.
 Notably, Baloch nationalist leader Brahumdagh Bugti, who is the president of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) that is seeking independence for the troubled Pakistani province, has “discussed the terms of asylum in India” with Indian diplomats in Geneva. Grandson of Baloch leader and Bugti tribe head Nawab Akbar Bugti, Brahumdagh fled Balochistan to save his life after Akbar Bugti was killed in a Pakistan Army offensive in 2006. He was first given asylum in Afghanistan from where he shifted to Switzerland in 2010


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