February 4, 2016

BEL to showcase gen-next naval systems at IFR

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) will be hitting the shores of R K Beach in Visakhapatnam with a host of gen-next gadgets during the International Fleet Review (IFR2016) set to begin tomorrow. BEL says these home-grown equipment will be part of Maritime Exhibition (MAREX), organised as part of the IFR, being conducted by the Indian Navy.
Dr Ajith T Kalghatgi, Director (R&D) BEL, told OneIndia that at IFR, in addition to exhibiting the company's commitment towards Indian Navy, India's home-grown military might will be on display. "We are participating at IFR2016 with a host of radars, sensors and electronic warfare systems," Dr Kalghargi said. Here's a look the BEL products that will be showcased during the IFR2016. • Hull Mounted Sonar (HUMSA), an advanced active-cum-passive integrated sonar suite which can be fitted on a variety of naval platforms and customised for both small and large ships. • Under Water Communication System (USC), whichprovides a communication channel between surface ships and submarines.

IAC MOD C, an integrated Anti-Submarine Warfare Fire Control System for surface ships. • Advanced Composite Communication System (ACCS), an IP-based new generation Integrated Communication System designed to provide external and internal communication for modern warships. • Mareech Missile Fire Control System, an advanced Torpedo Defence System for surface ships. • USHUS, an Integrated Submarine Sonar System. • LYNX UX Gun Fire Control System, a quick reaction, multi-sensor, multiple weapon, for short/medium/long range defence against air/surface/shore targets. • Surface Surveillance Radar for detection and tracking of sea surface and air targets and missiles. • Coastal Surveillance System, a chain of Remote Sensor Stations to provide security cover for coastline. • 2D L-Band Air Surveillance Radar (RAWL-02 Mk II A), a long range air surveillance radar for use onboard large and medium naval ships. • RAWL 03, a multi-function active phased array radar with Solid State Transreceiver for land and naval applications • Software Defined Radio for the Indian Navy. • Link II MoD I Communication System, which establishes Wide Area Network among Naval units (aircraft, ships, submarines, shore establishments, etc) over radio circuits and SATCOM for exchange of tactical data to achieve a common operational picture across platforms.

• ESM for small, medium & large class of ships and submarines. • Light Weight ESM system for helicopters. • Revathi, a 3D Surveillance Radar for use onboard ships for detecting air and surface targets. • Combat Management System (CMS). • Stabilised Optronic Pedestal Mk-II, a day and night surveillance and fire control system that includes a Colour TV Daylight Camera, 3rd generation 3-5 μm FLIR sensor, Laser Range Finder and automatic tracking capabilities, and command and control capabilities. • CoMPASS (Compact Multi Purpose Advanced Stabilized System), a day-and-night surveillance system.
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