October 26, 2015

India is an emerging Power, We love the people and need their support

Balochistan has never been part of Pakistan. In fact, Pakistan’s army suppressed the locals and imposed its constitutional laws forcefully. Recently, the issue was highlighted by a journalist at a USA institute of peace where Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif was addressing. The person, identified as Ahmar Musti Khan, was holding a poster in his hands that read “Free Balochistan”.

In an interaction with Indian agencies he said, “India is an emerging country, we love the people of India we need their support.”

London based another Balochistan freedom fighter, Hyrbyar Marri said, “India should politically, morally and diplomatically help Baloch struggle for freedom.” China is already looting and plundering the natural resources of Kashmir and Balochistan because it has easy access to these regions by dint of the support of Islamabad. Mr. Marri said Balochistan is a natural ally of all those who believe in democracy, human rights and rule of law.

Pakistan attempts to suppress the voice of Balochistan and keep the locals under its thumb since Balochistan is enormously rich in natural resources and the number of inhabitants is comparatively low. Clearly, if Balochistan gets freedom, the eight million people will become prosperous and Balochistan will be a developed country of Asia.


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