October 24, 2015

Heckled Sharif to expose Pak war crime in Balochistan: Activist

 Baloch activist Ahmar Mustikhan, who disrupted Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif speech in United States, justified his agitation saying that he did it to expose Pakistan terror in Afghanistan and war crimes in Balochistan.
"I hope my small minute contribution will reach the ears of thousands of Baloch martyr families. My voice was also meant to expose Pakistan terror in Afghanistan and war crime in Balochistan." Mustikhan told ANI in an exclusive interview.
"Just yesterday, I was at a protest in front of the White House where I called Pakistan the epicenter of global terrorism." He added.
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday was heckled by Mustikhan while delivering his speech at the US Institute of Peace, a prominent independent think-tank.
Mustikhan demanded freedom of Balochistan provinces where Pakistani army has been engaged in torture and killings of Baloch people demanding freedom.
The activist also called Sharif a 'friend of Osama Bin Laden'.
"It expose the true rogue and terrorist nature of Pakistan, and that is why I called Sharif bin Laden friend. It is on historic record that bin Laden helped fund Sharif's election victory in 1990." Mustikhan alleged.
Appreciating the activist step to disrupt Sharif's speech, Tarek Fatah, a Canadian based Pakistani Journalist and a supporter of Baloch cause said that how hard Pakistan tries, the struggle to free Balochistan will never die.
"It shows that Pakistan can bomb and kill every Baloch in Balochistan, but even if there is one Baloch man alive, the idea of a free Balochistan will not die. Pakistan will wither away one day, but 5,000 year old Balochistan cannot and never will." Fatah said.
"I salute the courage of Ahmar Mustikhan for risking all, to forever etch the slogan 'Free Free Balochistan' in the mind and memory of the world." he added while appreciating the protestor's efforts.
Nawabzada Mehran Marri, a Baloch representative at the United Nations also supported Mustikhan and said he highlighted the violation by Pakistani forces in Balochistan.

ANI / in.news

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