September 23, 2015

Swiss Aircraft for Chennai's IAF Station

The first fleet of the Swiss made flight training aircraft Pilatus PC-7 is expected to arrive at the Tambaram Indian Air-Force station within two months, officials at the station said on Tuesday.  The aircrafts, which have propeller type engines, are already in operation at the Dundigal training station near Hyderabad for the past one year. Once they make their entry at the Tambaram station, the currently-in-use Kiran fleet of aircraft will be gradually phased out, officials stated.
For this, Pilatus has already installed a flight simulator inside the sprawling campus, where newly inducted pilots are given training under various conditions like hail, rain or even in conditions where the aircraft is just about to crash.
A live demonstration of the simulator was given to media persons, as a part of a friendly interaction organised by the IAF ahead of their 83rd anniversary celebrations which will culminate on October 8. The simulator, which looks like a video-game but is only more real, recreates the actual flying conditions as well as the terrain around the Tambaram air-force base almost exactly, instructors said. It is monitored by an Instructor Operating Station (IOS), which is in-charge of the different flying conditions that the new recruits would have to master before being given charge of an actual aircraft.
Currently hangars are under-construction inside the air-force station which will be used to house the fleet of Pilatus aircraft when they arrive.


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