September 11, 2015

New Delhi, Moscow Discussing Supply of Russian T-90MS Battle Tanks

The tank uses the same type of ammunition as the T-90, but includes additional countermeasures to significantly reduce the chances of being hit by enemy anti-tank semi-automatic guided weapons.
 Russia is in talks with India about the possibility of concluding a contract to supply the latest Russian T-90MS battle tanks, a representative of Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) machine building company said Friday.
"Negotiations are underway on the possibility of signing a new contract with new conditions, to supply India with T-90MS," the representative told RIA Novosti.
There is currently a contract in place between Moscow and New Delhi for the licensed production of T-90S tanks in India.
On Wednesday, a Uralvagonzavod spokesperson told RIA Novosti that Russia had completed the full cycle of testing on the T-90MS, which is the latest export version of the T-90.
T-90MS, also referred as Tagil, was first unveiled in 2011. It was proposed for the Russian Army and possible export markets, including India.


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