August 19, 2015

Defence soon to get new-age parachutes

Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment, DRDO's Agra laboratory that develops lighter-than-air vehicles for the Indian defence, have developed parachutes that can be used to drop two people at once.  ADRDE spokesperson Vikas B Thakare said these parachutes, known as tandem parachutes universally, would be of enormous help during certain missions. "The main advantage of tandem parachute is that it can help scientists, doctors and engineers reach inaccessible spots. For instance, a nuclear scientist, who has to go to a remote area spot for a mission, may not know how to navigate a parachute. In such a scenario, a paratrooper can be strapped along with the scientist in a tandem parachute for the latter to reach the spot," he said, adding that the research body had conducted a trial of these parachutes on Tuesday morning.

Although such parachutes are available in other countries for defence purpose, they are yet to be used in India. Once the trial runs are completed, these parachutes will be provided to the Indian armed forces.

Thakare also explained how these parachutes are different from the normal ones. "These tandem parachutes blow with the wind as opposed to the traditional ones going against it," he said.

He further said that the newly-designed device is rectangular in shape and is opened from the front, helping its cells to be filled up with air in order to handle the stress of para jumpers' weight.

According to officials, the parachute is made of different combination of materials, which are lighter in weight and have negligible porosity. Porosity is the quality of being porous or full of tiny holes. 
- timesofindia

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