May 26, 2015

The Russian Air Force takes delivery of additional batch of Su-34 frontline bombers

The Russia-based Sukhoi Company handed over the first batch of Su-34 frontline bombers to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation according to the 2015 State Defense Order. The aircraft took off from the V.P. Chkalov Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant's airfield and headed to their place of deployment, the aircraft maker announced on May 21.

Last year, the Sukhoi Company's branch -- the Novosibirsk aviation plant successfully completed the 2014 State Defence Order and delivered two combat aircraft above the initial yearly plan, it said.
The 4+ generation Su-34s are replacing the Su-24 frontline bombers which are presently in service with the Russian Air Force.

The Russian Defence Ministry has placed an order for over 100 Su-34s to be delivered to the Air Force by 2020.

The multi-role Su-34 fighter bomber is designed to attack land-based, sea- and airborne targets by day and night in all weather conditions.

The Su-34 strike fighter aircraft is armed with highly effective long-range air-to-surface and air-to-air guided weapons enabling multi-channel operational employment. It also features a smart anti-radar defence system, an armed cockpit and latest computers that provide extra capabilities for the pilot and navigator to perform aimed bombing and to manoeuver under enemy fire.

The Su-34 also features an air refueling system for mid-air refueling.


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