March 24, 2015

Russia's Irkutsk plant to deliver more than 40 Su-30SM, Yak-130 jets in 2015

The Irkutsk aircraft-building plant will deliver 27 Sukhoi-30SM fighter jets and twelve combat training planes Yakovlev-130 for Russian military this year, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov said on Tuesday.
"This year the Irkutsk plant has the Defense Ministry’s contract for 27 Sukhoi-30SM for the Air Force and the Navy, and twelve combat training planes Yakovlev-130," he said during a visit to the plant.
According to the Defense Ministry’s estimates the target is quite realistic," Borisov said. "Steady supplies will begin as of April."
He also recalled that the Defense Ministry had supported the plant with extra contracts for Sukhoi-30MS jets. In view of the plant’s promising export potential we have guaranteed the plant’s workload for three years to come, which will ensure its steady development, technical upgrade and more contacts."
Earlier, the president of the Irkut corporation, Oleg Demchenko, said that Russia’s Air Force in 2015 would receive from the company about 30 big planes and another 30 smaller aircraft. He expects that this year will see record-large supplies of combat and combat training planes. In April, Irkut will export eight planes, Demchenko added.


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