January 20, 2015

Know about 'Air Force One', the Boeing 747-200B Jumbo that carries the US President

United States President Barack Obama will visit India to attend the Republic Day parade as the chief guest on January 26. The special aircraft, Air Force One of the 'The Flying White House' that carries the President the United States is a customized Boeing 747-200B Jumbo and has a bomb proof windshield. US military has two such aircrafts which cost $250 million each.
Flying at the highest speed of 630 kms per hour the airplane can fly for a range of 12550 kms and has a sitting capacity of 102. The estimated amount spent every hour to maintain and fly this aircraft is $100,000.
Protected from even electromagnetic interference caused by a nuclear blast, the aircraft is equipped with advanced and secure communications equipment, and also houses electronics to ensure failsafe functioning.
The aircraft has President's 'Flying Oval Office' that enables the US President to launch a nuclear attack in case of emergency. The satellite communication enables the President to connect with any world leader.
The aircraft's presidential suite houses a bedroom, dressing room, shower and is fitted with a personal gym. Separate suites house staff, secret service agents and advisers. The aircraft has 85 telephones, 19 LCD screens and hi-tech communication systems.
The hi-tech defence systems includes Electric Defence System to jam enemy radar and deflect enemy missiles, mirror ball defence to dazzle infra-red missile guidance systems and chaff and flares pod used to confuse heat seaking missiles.
Adding to the technical specification of the Air Force One, the aircraft also has armour plating to withstand nuclear blast, armoured glass on all windows to withstand bullets and rockets. The whole aircraft is designed to withstand air and ground attack.
The dining room with kitchen has two food preparation galleys and the kitchen staff can feed 100 people with 2000 meals. The aircraft also has a senior staff meeting room along with other offices and press quarters.


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