November 28, 2014

India Denies Reports of French Rafale Jets Deal Cancellation


A high-ranking source in Indian Defense Ministry said that India is not planning to cancel the deal on purchasing French Rafale jets.
  India is not planning to cancel the deal on purchasing French Rafale jets despite earlier media reports that it would do so if France refuses to deliver Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia, a high-ranking source in Indian Defense Ministry told Sputnik Thursday.
"So far the Rafale deal with France is on, there is no problem in it," the source said.
He also added that India has "ambitious plans" to replace the country's Soviet-made MIG jets with French analogues.
The statement comes after French President Francois Hollande postponed the delivery of the first Mistral-class helicopter carrier to Russia over the situation in Ukraine on November 25.
Under the $1.6 billion deal signed by the two sides in June 2011, the handover of the first ship, the Vladivostok, was scheduled for November 14.
According to earlier media reports, India warned in September it would cancel the $20-$22 billion contract signed with French Dassault Aviation company on the supply of 126 Rafale fighter jets if Paris refuses to fulfil its obligations under the Mistral contract.


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