August 5, 2013

Russia Has Best Missile-Defense Radars – Senior Official

(RIA Novosti) – Russia’s missile-attack warning radars are far superior to any foreign counterparts, a top defense official said Friday.
Russia has an “absolute lead,” “no one else can match these stations,” Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov said after visiting a Voronezh-M radar in Siberia’s Irkutsk Region.
The Voronezh-M has greatly surpassed previous-generation systems, in particular the Dnepr, the official said, adding that the Voronezh-M had a range of 6,500 kilometers, higher resolution and a broader field of vision.
The radar system will “reliably protect our southeastern sector and the northeastern part of the Pacific,” he said.
His comments echoed ones last month by General Staff chief Valery Gerasimov, who said Russia was building a new aerospace defense system that would guarantee detection of enemy ballistic and long-range cruise missiles at blastoff.
The system would feature advanced information-gathering, data-processing and attack capabilities with an early-warning radar system to be deployed along the entire Russian border, Gerasimov said.
In late May, Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces conducted a series of snap drills that checked the combat readiness of aerospace defense units, air force units and air defenses in the Western Military District, as well as military transport and long-range aviation command. The exercises involved 8,700 people, 185 aircraft and 240 military vehicles.

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