June 3, 2013

DRDO to focus on low-intensity warfare

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) appears to have big plans to arm the defence forces to tackle low-intensity conflicts.

During an interaction with the media on Sunday, Avinash Chander, who took over as DRDO chief on Saturday, said that while it was important to be ready for conventional war, handling of unconventional warfare and low-intensity conflicts was assuming increasing significance. "Low-intensity conflicts have many unique features. These conflicts do not follow any given set of rules. Nor do they have a predefined theatre, boundaries or limits. Handling of such conflicts necessitates evolution of tailor-made technology solutions," Avinash Chander said.

One of these is development of radars that can sense through foliage or detect buried objects or get information behind walls, the DRDO director general said, adding that a wide range of sensors providing day and night vision assistance have potential applications for low-intensity conflicts.

Pointing out that detection of explosives and their safe neutralization is one area where equipment developed for military application is finding wider use, he said that a detection kit allowing fast detection and analysis of military explosives is in production.
  Times of india


  1. interesting..... one glance at the DARPA website is enough to see the difference in approach between both countries....sometimes money is not everything.. at times it is important that one learns to create the drive first.