February 19, 2013

Russia and Italy revisit developing S-1000 class diesel-electric submarines project

Russia and Italy have revisited the idea of jointly building and commercialization into third world markets of S-1000 class diesel-electric submarines, a project that was frozen four years ago, the deputy director-general of the RUBIN Russian design office, Andrei Baranov said.

But now RUBIN and the Italian company FINCANTIERI have decided to revisit the project. According to Baranov, a happy blend of the latest European equipment and Russian designing experience can help build a modern-day multipurpose submarine.

He pointed out that the two sides started work on the project in the middle of the 2000s, but the effort was later suspended for lack of funding.

The submarine is designed for anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, reconnaissance missions. With the length of 56.2 meters, the diameter of 5.5 meters and the displacement of about 1,100 tons, S-1000 class submarine can reach the speed of up to 14 knots. The immersion depth of S1000 makes up 250 meters. The crew will consist of 16 men and six troops.


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