December 13, 2012

Tata gun, swadeshi bofors are different products: Gun Carriage Factory chief

So unlike misgivings in certain quarters Tata does not pose any threat to us. In fact the new range, he said, would give Indian army a vast choice and is a happy development."
Tata's launch, according to sources, had led to a major upheaval in the GCF where an expert team of 125 personnel had been working round the clock for last two years to come up with a technically superior and upgraded version of their Swedish counterpart.
The project was fast tracked at the behest of the defense ministry and A K Anthony had come down to personally monitor its progress four months ago. So the successful foray by a rival did not sound particularly encouraging, admitted a senior team member. Posturing by the workers union did not help matters, he said. In fact, the union leaders went to the extent of imputing a conspiracy to shut down GCF- one of the oldest defense installations in the country- and prepared to strike work.
The GM lays all these doubts to rest. We have brought out two prototypes and they are undergoing filed trials he said.
The first trial was held on November 30 at the central proof establishment (CPE) Itarsi and the next is slated for third week of this month when we transport the gun to PXE Balasore before finally handing it over to Indian Army.
The timing by Tata SED, he remarked, was a bit intriguing, "because it coincides with our launch and has contributed to some unnecessary confusion". Sure that 155/45 caliber boomer which can strike an object within the range of 40 kilometers, would give all national and international competitors a run for their money, Yadav said, "GCF, don't forget, has 109 years of experience in artillery manufacturing and others including Tata are just entering the field.

Times of India

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