September 20, 2012

China knows how to tackle stealth aircraft

(IANS) The Chinese military knows how to deal with enemy stealth aircraft, an official said.
During the first "Military Camp Opening Day" activity held in the Wuhan Air Force Command Center Sep 15, a local asked whether the military can tackle stealth aircraft.
An official responded that if enemy stealth aircraft dare to invade China's territorial air space, they have ways to shoot them down, reported People's Daily Online.
Stealth technology is used to avoid detection by employing a combination of features to interfere with radar.
A military expert said that China has built an integrated modern anti-aircraft system, realizing the transition from the second-generation fighter planes to third-generation fighter planes.
China's advanced air early warning planes, anti-aircraft missiles and detecting and commanding equipment of various kinds have been pressed into service.
"It has taken China's anti-aircraft capacity to a new level. China's armed forces are able to eliminate any incoming enemy from the air," the media report said.
A resident asked: "Are our armed forces capable of shooting down stealth planes like the B-2, F-22 and F-35 planes of the United States? Is the Red Flag-9 missile capable of doing it?"
Captain Yang Wen said that China already carried out military drills taking "shooting down stealth planes, cruise missiles and armed helicopters; anti-precision strikes, anti-electronic interference and anti-reconnaissance".
Dealing with stealth weapons, such as stealth planes and missiles, is a large systematic project. "In order to successfully shoot down stealth planes, finding them beforehand is the key."
Yang said that as long as China could spot stealth planes, China could shoot them down.
The media report added that in past military drills, China shot down air targets like stealth planes and missiles many times. 


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