August 16, 2012

Indian Navy Needs Better Deck Fighters

Indian Navy has lost 15 operational and 3 training deck-based fighters Sea Harrier since 1983; only 3 of them crashed due to technical failures, reported Indian defense ministry's official website.

Sea Harrier fighters were stationed on board Indian aircraft carrier INS Viraat.

Being currently purchased from Russia, deck-based fighters MiG-29K cannot substitute Sea Harrier as they are not short take-off and landing (STOL) but arrested landing airplanes. Take note, only STOL aircraft can be used on the deck of INS Viraat.

Improving air component of India's sea power is continuous process implemented through upgrading of available aircraft and procurement of new ones.

That was a reply of Indian defense minister A. K. Antony to request of Sushil Kumar Singh, Member of Parliament.


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