May 15, 2012

Vikramaditya to Get Israeli-made Barak Missile System

Buildup plans of the Indian military may possibly result in new contracts with Israeli defense companies. India purchased Russian aircraft carrier and is going to receive her in 2013. The carrier can be armed with some weapons not stipulated in the contract with Moscow.

Perhaps, the question is Barak SAM systems and electronic warfare aids for large ship protection. According to Israeli press, Indian defense ministry has additional procurement plans making possible to tie contracts with some Israeli defense-oriented companies.

Some of systems presently operated by Israeli warships are among the world's most up-to-date hardware including missile/torpedo/air defense systems.

As is known, other European countries will also strive to take advantage of growing Indian Navy. According to various sources, Israel will face severe competition. Russia will try to increase volume of sales as well.


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