February 25, 2012

Taiwan Navy Plans to Buy 8 New Submarines

Taiwan Navy plans to ask national government to sponsor procurement of 8 new submarines within the next two months, reports Agence France-Presse referring to United Daily News.
Reportedly, three countries offered Taiwan submarines; however, it is not disclosed what states want to deliver them. As an option, Taiwan was offered assistance in submarine construction or delivery of several German-made subs.
In Apr 2001, the US planned to sell 8 conventional submarines to Taiwan, although the contract has not been signed so far. According to Taipei Times, the contract cost $12 bln.
Most likely, Taiwan Navy figures on diesel electric submarines displacing 1,000-1,500 tons, writes Taipei Times. It is not reported what sum Taiwanese government is able to allocate.
As was earlier reported, Taiwan Navy purchased 440 American-made acoustic buoys with the view to track Chinese submarines.


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