February 11, 2012

Mission Control Centre for the AAD Interceptor

  ( The Hindu) : The Mission Control Centre for the AAD Interceptor trial held on Friday was deployed in Master-Slave configuration at DRDO Hyderabad and Wheeler Island, Orissa to ensure high availability with built-in fault tolerance at each location.
The MCC of the Indian BMD programme is one of the most advanced, automated net-centric Command and Control systems in the world, a DRDO press release said.
The master MCC located more than a 1,000 km away at Hyderabad from the missile test range, received the target data in real time from multiple weapon system radars. The complete Air Situation Picture during the BMD trial was provided to the MCC commander using advanced data fusion and target classification techniques.
After the classification of the target as an enemy ballistic missile, the MCC issued engagement orders to the AAD Launch Centre located at Wheeler Island in Dhamra.
The complete engagement sequence from target detection to destruction was controlled by MCC in net-centric mode of operation. The trial successfully demonstrated complete functionality in deployment configuration of MCC.

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