January 10, 2012

Russia, India Documented Leasing of SSN Nerpa

Russia and India signed lease certificate of Project 971U Schuka-B nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN) Nerpa, reports ITAR-TASS. The signing ceremony was held on Dec 30 in Russian Navy Main HQ.

"All trials and sea performance tests have been effectively completed, after New Year holidays the crew will start settling into the sub", said a spokesman for Russian Navy. The submarine will depart for India late in Jan 2012. She will be stationed in Visakhapatnam naval base and obtain the name of INS Chakra.

SSN Nerpa will be the only nuclear-powered submarine in Indian Navy. Supposedly, she will be used as a training platform for crew of the India's own nuc sub INS Arihant which was launched in 2009 and currently passes sea trials. India takes SSN Nerpa on lease for 10-year period, lease terms are still undisclosed.

Initially, it was planned to hand over the sub in 2010, although date of delivery was postponed several times.

K-152 Nerpa is a third-generation submarine. Her displacement is 12,770 tons; test depth is 600 meters; max speed is 30 knots; armament includes cruise missiles, torpedoes and rocket torpedoes.


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