January 13, 2012

Army: China's Misadventure will lead to bloodshed

(Hindustan Times) : Any misadventure by China would cause enough bloodshed to draw the world's attention, a tough-talking army chief asserted on Thursday.
General VK Singh described the Chinese act of damaging a wall on the Indian side of the line of actua control (LAC) in July 2011 as "childish." The chief said the Indian Army viewed that incident in Arunachal Pradesh's Yangtse sector as a childish act and it did not qualify as a skirmish.
"It was not a skirmish. The day it happens the whole world will come to know. If something were to happen, there will be enough noise and bloodshed and everyone will come to know," Singh told reporters at his customary news conference ahead of the 64th Army Day on January 15.
Reflective of Chinese assertiveness along the LAC, a patrolling party of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) attempted to scale and damaged a 250-metre wall on the Indian side on July 13, 2011.  Indian troops prevented the Chinese patrol from crossing the wall.
General Singh said, "It was akin to a child taking away some other child's toy and scoring brownie points."
The LAC between India and China is not demarcated and both sides have different perceptions of the border. Indian and Chinese troops patrol up to their respective perceptions of the LAC owing to perceived differences in the alignment of the border.
The chief's comments come on the heels of China denying visa to an Indian Air Force (IAF) officer who was part of a visiting military delegation, ostensibly because he hailedfrom Arunachal Pradesh, a state at the forefront of  a border dispute. New Delhi reacted by cutting the size of the 30-member delegation to half.
General Singh declined to comment on the visa row and its impact on bilateral defence ties saying the matter fell in the domain of the ministry of external affairs.

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