December 19, 2011

China is India’s ‘imaginary enemy': Daily

Beijing: Calling China as India's "imaginary enemy", Chinese official media on Sunday said New Delhi should reduce its own "persecution mania".

India is "pleased" by America's strategic focus shift toward the Asia-Pacific region and "began to get close to US, but thinking this move will contain its imaginary enemy would be naive," an article in the state-run People's Daily titled 'Risks behind India's military build up' said. 

 US President Barack Obama had recently announced that his country will focus on the Asia-Pacific region, where it already has significant military assets.

The daily asked India to "cooperate" with neighbouring countries.

"In the context of the eastward shift of global economic power and the changing Asian geopolitical pattern, India should cooperate with the neighbouring countries instead of being hostile to them and should reduce its own "persecution mania to play a role on the world stage in the future", it said.

"There is no real winner in wars and peace opportunities must not be wasted. This is the wise judgment", the daily said.

PTI/ Zeenews

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