November 24, 2011

Army displays its fire power

Army War College, Mhow on Wednesday showcased its artillery strength displaying Bofors guns, T-72 tanks and T-90 Tanks. The armory were displayed before the media and officers from friendly foreign countries.

About 2000 officers from the Indian Army were present on the occasion. It was a combat leadership training programme for the officers.

The soldiers displayed their fighting skills in a dummy war-like situation on a battle field. The soldiers in their combat outfits showed exemplary skills of how they take on the enemies from across the border.

Interacting with the media, commandant of Army War College Lt General Anil Chait said army is dedicated to the country and with the help of its citizens it wants to take the country on the trajectory of success.

"Here we train 2000 officers of Indian Army every year along with around 100 officers of friendly foreign countries," said Chait.

Times of India

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