April 21, 2011

Indian Army to Conduct Vijaya Bhava War Games in Rajasthan

To practice its war-fighting concepts and doctrines, the Indian Army will hold a massive war-game codenamed 'Vijaya Bhava' along the Pakistan border in first week of May. "The Division-level (around 15,000 troops) exercise would be held in the deserts of Western Rajasthan where the elements of the elite 2 Strike Corps and other formations will take part," Army sources said.

Sources said the exercise would be held "well inside" the border where all fighting arms of the Indian Army including the artillery, armored columns including tanks and mechanized vehicles will take part.

As part of war-fighting arrangements, the Indian Army has put its three Strike Corps, which are supposed to strike and enter enemy territories in case of war, under three different commands.

The Army will evolve and practice battlefield tactics for different warfare scenarios for a conventional conflict with the adversaries. Defence Minister A K Antony will also visit the area of exercise in Rajasthan.

In the aftermath of Operation Parakram in 2001, the Indian Army has evolved a doctrine which calls for a rapid and quite mobilization of troops to the fronts from hinterland and continuous efforts have been made to cut the time taken for movement of formations.

Source - PTI  ,  Indiadefense

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