October 29, 2010

S-400 Surface to Air Missile – The last Defender

NJS - Security(Magazine ) Editorial Panel
The Triumf S-400 is a new generation of air defense and theater anti-missile weapon developed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau as an evolution of the S-300PMU family.This new system is intended to detect and destroy airborne targets at a distance of up to 400 km (2- 2.5 times greater than the previous S-300PMU system). And it has maximum speed up to 12 mach, can easily detect and destroy enemy aircraft and in coming Ballistic and Cruise missiles .
The Triumf system includes radars capable of detecting low-signature targets. and the anti-missile capability of the system has been increased to the limits established by the ABM Treaty demarcation agreements -- it can intercept targets with velocities of up to 4.8 km/sec, corresponding to a ballistic missile range of 3,500 km.
It is important to note that no F/A-18 variant, nor the Joint Strike Fighter, were designed to penetrate the coverage of the S-300P/S-400 systems. The survivability of these aircraft will not be significantly better than that of legacy combat aircraft. and its range is claimed to be at least twice that of the MIM -104 Patriot SAM (Surface to Air missile )system. At present no other SAM’s in world has capable more than Triumf in long range .
Israel and United states has known plan to have airstrikes against Iran , in the name of its nuclear capable . Even though Iran has better capable resources in Surface missiles /Aircrafts/Naval warfare , Israel mainly objected for supply of S-300 SAM systems from Russia to Iran, because theses Sam’s have capable to engage any aircraft / missiles from Israel, that could make more difficult for both US & Israel Fighter Jets .

According to Russian sources, the S-400 is capable of detecting and simultaneously engaging six targets and it has flight ceiling of 40 kms with cold launch ejection system. At present Russia Operates 5 battalions as of 2010 and will arm more before 2020.
India already has 6 Sqns of S-300 SAM systems which is less capable than Triumf S-400 in all aspects , India bought these systems in earlier days to defend incoming Pakistani M-11(supplied by china) and other surface to surface missiles , but India so far has not realized the need of S-400 against its dearest Chinese missiles from north east , these things should not realized in war times . India’s AAD is still in development and testing stages ,it takes much more tests to get certify. At least to save our valuable bases close to China
need this type of protection . Even china has more numbers of S-400 and has plans to produce massive numbers for its self defense.

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